Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Island Ratings


Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Island Ratings


One of Isabelle's many tasks in the Resident Services Office involves managing your islands’ PR. She will collect notes and comments from island residents and visitors, and keep tabs on your islands’ reputation. You can find out what people think of your island by talking to her in the Resident Services Building and selecting ‘Let's talk island evals’


Isabelle’s Evaluations

Isabelle will do her best to provide helpful advice on how to improve your island. Your island will be ranked on a scale of one to five stars, if it reaches 5 stars, Isabelle will reward you with the recipe for the golden watering can, and you will also get an exciting new flower called a Lily of the Valley. This flower will grow naturally somewhere on your island and cannot be bought. 


There are two main categories on which your island is rated, which Isabelle will mention during evals: ‘Island Scenery’ and ‘Island Development’. Scenery points are concerned with DIY furniture and the plant life growing on your island, while island development points involve the buildings other attractions your island is home to. After mentioning one of these factors, she will sometimes say if there has been a positive change since the last rating and will then give some tips for further improvements. Your final rating is calculated based on the chart of yard development and scenery scores and the rating as decided based on the lower of the two along with total number of residents, which must be 8 or more to get above 2 stars. 


Positive Conditions 

There are plenty of ways to rack up points for your island, we will explain the subcategories for grading, and the tile system it is based on. Every island is divided into 9216 uniformly sized tiles that form in 96x96 squares. Within that, furniture placed on the island is graded on an 8x8 tile basis, each tile is approximately the size of the space that your character can stand or sit on. On your Nook Phone's map, the island is split into 16x16 blocks, which can help you to visualise the smaller 8x8 blocks. It also helps to use your shovel to dig lots of holes, or place custom designs on the ground to visualise these blocks. Furniture can be moved a half block and may overlap into an adjacent block. Each block is scored on its own, however, and the overlapping piece of furniture will count for both blocks. Plant life scoring does not take this grid into account. You will simply receive points for each tree or flower growing on your island. 


DIY Furniture

DIY furniture add to your scenery points, and variety is key here! You will get more points for placing down different pieces of furniture, rather than the same pieces of furniture over and over. Some furniture will count as being the same type but will still count as a unique piece. A type is a category such as chairs, tables, wardrobes, etc. For instance, placing down a wooden chair in an office chair will only count as one type, but will count as two unique pieces. Even colour variants of the same item counters unique types of furniture that will gain you more bonuses, so keep that in mind. 


Non-DIY Furniture

Furniture that does not fit the scenery category can still earn you points for development. The system works slightly differently, though. These furnishings will still be graded on an 8x8 tile basis. 


Bonus Points

There are some other tasks that can boost your development score, such as removing weeds and placing fences. Some extra bonuses can be gotten by placing expensive furniture outdoors, especially pieces that work best in outdoor situations.


Negative Conditions

Certain conditions can cause your fuzzy friends to enjoy your island less, and these will subtract points from your island rating score. If any of the following conditions are met, you will not be able to get a five-star island. 



It is possible to have too much of a good thing. Too much furniture can make it hard to walk around and navigate your island. Clutter is gauged in the same 8x8 tile division as furniture grading. There is a total of 64 spaces available in every 8x8 block, and if 45 or more tiles are covered, the block will be considered cluttered. Buildings, bridges, buried items, rocks, cliffs, rivers, and inclines will not count toward clutter. 



If there are more than 15 small items dropped on the ground (not placed as furniture), your island will be deemed messy. Seashells, tree branches, stones, mushrooms, and star fragments do not count towards your islands’ messiness since these occur naturally in the wild. 


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