Apex Legends Advanced Tips & Tricks: Movement


Apex Legends Advanced Tips & Tricks: Movement

Dropping Like A Pro

If you are Jumpmaster, you want to get your squad to the ground, and fast. One thing you will notice is that most people don’t just drop down in a straight line. One experienced tactic is to perform a wave drop, in which you drop directly down towards the ground before pulling up to glide horizontally, then dropping straight down again and gliding again. You can keep this up until you reach your destination, which will get you there far faster than if you went in a straight line.

But the last thing you want to do is come up short of your intended location. If you are going for a far distance, you are better off just pointing your nose and heading there, since those drops will cause you to lose distance.

There is one more good trick to get down to the ground before anyone else, and that involves turning off your rockets. To do that you will need to trick them into thinking you have landed. Here is how simple it is – if your squad is near tall cliffs, smash into them. This will turn off your rockets and make you fall straight down. Since there is no fall damage you will be fine and you will be down there much faster than anyone else. This is a great tactic for locations like Artillery or Hydro Dam.

Learn How To Slide

Now that you are on the ground, you have got to move. Sliding makes your character move faster than sprinting and has the benefit of making you a lot smaller and harder to hit. Any time you see a hill, go for a slide on it. Sliding is the only way you can run faster than the Ring.


Learn How To Climb

Think that structure is too high to climb? Give it a shot anyway. It doesn’t go over it in the tutorial, but you can actually climb much higher than you would expect. If you run straight at a wall and jump at it while pressing forward, your Legend will wall-jump to an even higher height. This enables you to quickly hurtle over structures and walls and get you up to places you never thought attainable. Having a height advantage is always a good idea.


Holster Your Weapon

You can holster your current weapon by holding down the switch weapons button in order to move faster. You should do this whenever you really need to move, or if there are no enemies nearby. You sprint, slide and jump way more quickly when you have your gun stashed.

Slide Jumping

If you can holster your weapon and know how to slide reasonably well, you can perform this move to really zoom around the terrain. All you need to do is put your weapon away, start running at full speed, slide and jump just before your slide starts to slow down. You will pop up into the area and then start running again, after which you should slide again and start it over again. It takes a little practice, but it is by far the fastest method of travelling the world without ziplines or abilities.

Gotta Go Fast

Two characters have abilities that affect their movement. Octane’s tactical ability makes him super fast – way faster than anyone else in the game. When combined with his bounce pads he is a speedy force to be reckoned with. Make sure to get some practice bounces in before they are really needed, as it is very easy to go hurtling in a direction you didn’t intend. Also be warned that your opponents will be able to use them too.

Pathfinder’s Grapple ability doesn’t seem to be so effective at first, until you really learn how to thwip around buildings. The grapple doesn’t just pull you in a straight line. You can angle it and use that momentum to really send yourself flying. This means that your opponents will never know which way you are coming from, letting you confuse them and fire on them while they are unaware.

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